Here at Primor and Vittorio d’ Firenze we like to think of ourselves as a close-knit family. With more than 15 years of experience as the best social sales by catalog business in the United States, we are a Latin American team decided to grow hand in hand and side by side, always supporting our associates. That is the reason we offer our free catalogs so that you, our associate, can start your own sales by catalog business.

It really is very simple: our years of experience, designs, attention to even the most insignificant details and compromise represent the core values of our house. That is why, each time you buy or sell any product of the Primor or Vittorio D’Firenze family, you receive so much more. Something more personal, more human more Hispanic. Give us a chance and let us show you the softest and warmest bedspreads, the best quality comforters, the most beautiful Mexican blankets and the easiest curtains to combine all available in Primor. Take a look at the most exclusive designs in Vittorio D’Firenze, all inspired in what the Italian design stands for. The most eye-catching women’s shoes, beautiful leather purses, sandals, flats, high heeled shoes, boots and much more.

For us here at Primor and Vittorio d’ Firenze, you and the rest of our associates are what keeps on going. That is why we are always a phone call away - just dial our toll-free number 855-456-3265 and one of the sales representative will gladly assist you. If you have any questions feel free to call us or visit the FAQ’s section. Sign up today and become part of hundreds of women who started their own business. You decide when you work, where you work and who you work with. Remember that you could be one of the many associates that earn between $500 and $3000dlls per month. It all depends on you. Listen to the success stories of our associates under the testimonial section. Also, if you would like to read inspiring and funny experiences and tips on how to improve your sales we invite you to read our blogs where you can find the latest trends in fashion, lifestyle, sales and much more.

The Primor Catalog offers you the best designs in bedspreads and comforters that will keep your family warm during those cold winter nights. Choose from hundreds of designs the one that fits your personality. The Vittorio D’Firenze Catalog has for you the best options in women's footwear. We have a wide range of designs, from casual for a day in the park, elegant for a formal event or just the right type for the work place. Order your free catalogs today.

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? When we think about our dreams and goals often our thoughts may sabotage us. The truth is it's better to get started at once and put all our efforts in achieving our dreams so that we can start enjoying the benefits. We offer you the opportunity to start right now, just take a look at our affiliation packages, choose the right one for you and receive your free catalogs. It's as simple as that.

How to start your own business with a small amount of money? Primor and VDF have the best option for you. Don't think about it, become that entrepreneur you have always wished for. Take control of your future and become part of all the Latin and Hispanic women that have decided to become their own boss. There are moments in time where we find that the only option to improve our quality of life is to start our own business. Order your free catalogs, choose the kit that suits you and start selling! Tell all your friends, family and co-workers..soon you will be paying all your bills and earning that much needed extra income. Primor and Vittorio d’ Firenze have the best selling catalogs in the market. You can sell the best women’s shoes or linens in the United States. Remember that at Primor and Vittorio d’ Firenze we only use high quality materials.

Primor Bedspreads in the United States

Friends, when we talk about high quality bedspreads, without a doubt, the best ones can be found at Primor. The most comfortable bedspreads for every member of the family. Since they are made with the softest materials, your night’s rest and that of your loved ones will never be the same. Don’t think about it, we have the ideal design for all types of bedrooms.

Primor Sheets

What better way to combine the Primor bedspreads? Obviously the Primor sheets. They are custom made to match the bedspreads from the different collections Primor has for you. Take a look and choose your favorite one. Remember that the Primor catalogs are free.

Comforters Primor

A comforter is ideal for those cold winter days. Due to their down filling, the Primor comforters keep your family warm every night. Without a doubt, we have to be eternally thankful to the Vikings, since they where the ones who came up with this brilliant idea. They sawed down-filled clothing together to keep them safe and warm during those harsh cold nights. And we must say that Primor’s comforters will never let you down. Try them out today.

VDF Fashion

Fashion is a worldwide phenomenon. In every country, men and women want to think of themselves as fashionable. That is why Vittorio D’Firenze was created. VDF offers the most eye-catching designs always thinking that fashion and comfort must go hand in hand. Take a look at the most comfortable and trendiest designs in women’s shoes. Order your free catalog today.

Vittorio Purses

What is the best way to combine my shoes with the rest of my wardrobe? The answer is easy: our handbag! We can surely say that the handbag is one of the most important elements in a Latina’s wardrobe. In Vittorio D’Firenze we agree completely, that is why we have the best designed handbags in the United States.

Vittorio d’ Firenze Shoes

The trendiest designs for every season only at Vittorio D’Firenze. Always in vogue with their Italian design. Don't miss out on our season’s catalogs. With Vittorio D’Firenze you not only look good you can also change your life by starting your own sales by catalog business.


Laura Flores and Primor

Laura Flores is part of our great Latin American family. The Primor and Vittorio D’Firenze family. Take a look at this video, in it Laura talks about the advantages of being part of this great team of Hispanic women who are willing to take risks and gain control of their future.


Erica Gutiérrez: A Primor Woman

“The difference between Primor’s bedspreads from the rest is that they don’t slide of the bed and they mantain their original shape (no bunching up)….they are made from the highest quality materials...”


Karla G. Franco: Primor Attitude

“I want to invite you my dear friend to give yourself a chance, the same way I have been given a chance so that you can become your own boss under your own terms. Join today to learn about the benefits Primor has for you.”.


Vittorio d’ Firenze Glamour

Let yourself be mesmerized by one of the many VDF collections. The glamor and top trending style that only Vittorio D’Firenze has.

¿What can I sell?

The question is not what can you sell, but what sells the best. Primor and Vittorio D’Firenze have the best selling catalogs in the market. You can sell the best women's shoes and linens in all of the United States. Remember that Primor and Vittorio D’Firenze use only the highest quality materials.

Selling by Catalog

This is the answer to the question: How to start your own business with a small amount of money? Primor and VDF have for you the best and only option. If you have always wanted to work when you want and where you want don't think about it. Start your own business and become part of the growing group of Hispanic and Latin American women that have decided to take control of their future and their time.

I wish to sell by Catalog I wish to sell by Catalog

What happens when you ask yourself: do I want to sell by catalog? Once you start thinking about it don't let the opportunity pass by. The best and only option is selling by catalog with Primor and Vittorio D’Firenze. Order your free catalogs, choose the kit that suits your needs and start telling all your friends and family. Soon you will see how you will start paying your bills and earning that extra income you have always wanted.

I need to start my own business!

On many occasions we are faced with the fact that, in order to improve our quality of life, the best solution is starting your own business. Selling by catalog is your opportunity to do so. In Primor and Vittorio D’Firenze we give you the opportunity to build your own business without a start-up capital. Order your catalogs, choose the right kit for you and get started! Don't think about it and take control of your future today.

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