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The Best Tips of Laura Flores to Sell by Catalog

It is very simple to start your own Social Sales by Catalog business with the leading company in the United States. In Primor and Vittorio D’Firenze we offer the best quality products to decorate your home as well as the most fashion-forward, trending and confortable styles in women’s handbags and shoes. Primor’s bedspreads and comforters along with Vittorio D’Firenze’s shoes and handbags are the perfect way to express our own personality and the best part is that…. you can be the one to sell them! Just click on the following link to receive your free catalogs, or if you prefer, dial 855-456-3265 to get in touch with a representative.

Some practical advice and tips when you sell by catalog:

1. Support and training from the beginning: In Primor we like to work hand in hand with our associates. That is the key to our success, We follow you every step of the way so that we are with you when you most need it. Along with that support, Primor offers you Free Catalogs so you can join our family and you can start working when you want and where you want. Affiliate today!

2. Know your products inside out: The common factor among the top sellers in the market is that they know everything there is to know about what their product can offer. Once you receive your Primor Catalog review them over and over again until you are familiarized with each product so that, at the end of the day, the sopping experience between your buyer and you is the best it can be.

3. If you don’t show you don’t sell: Take your Primor Catalogs with you every where you go; show them to your friends, co-workers, family or anybody else that you can think of - take advantage of all the social networks available nowadays. Choose the method that most suits you and start showing the whole world that you sell Primor and Vittorio D’Firenze, the best brand of Bedspreads, Shoes and Handbags in the United States. Use your cell phone, send the catalog by e-mail or simply publish different posts on Facebook. What ever works for you!

4. Time is money - Get Organized: Make a list of all your clients and their orders. Take note of the delivery date and the payment due date or any other crucial information that you may need. Remember that placing the orders is very easy, just dial 855-453-7933 and a representative will assist you.

5. Deliver the orders on time: You can establish one day as your placing your orders day and another one as the order delivery day. If you always deliver your orders on time you will keep your clients happy and ready to place another order sooner than you think.

I also want you to get inspired as other Primor and Vittorio D’Firenzes Associates share their story of how they changed their life by selling our products. So please take a look at their testimonies. We sell more that just products, we sell a way of life.

If you haven't decided yet…don’t think about it! Just sign up and you are ready to go. Get in touch with us and start building a better future for you and your family with Primor and Vittorio D’Firenze.

Until next time, Laura Flores.

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