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Karla G. Franco
Meet Karla. A Latin American woman. A strong woman. A warrior. Karla will have to live with a medical condition for the rest of her life. Nevertheless, that didn't stop her. Against all odds she decided to start her own business, to take control of her future joining the Primor and Vittorio D’Firenze family. Today, she is one of the most successful associates in the United States.
Veronica Miranda

Verónica Miranda represents what a Primor associate stands for. She is one of the thousands of women who go out and fight every single day trying to build a better future for her and the ones she loves. Veronica decided that Primor and Vittorio D’Firenze was who she wanted by her side. With the income that she earns Veronica not only pays all her bills but she treats herself and her family to certain pleasures now and then.

Maria Hernandez

Since she was a little girl María knew she loved to sell. That's why she joined Primor and Vittorio D' FirenzeShe instantly knew that Primor and Vittorio D’Firenze was the company that would support her and her dream of becoming her own boss, working when and where she wanted to and earning that income she always wanted.


Sandara Solorzano

Sandra is a young entrepreneur whom decided to follow her instinct and started her own business. Soon enough, with her efforts and dedication, she began earning the income she so desired. Nowadays, she supports her husband paying the bills, buying clothes for her kids or enjoying a date night or a shopping day at the mall.

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